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The GymbaROO program offers activities that encourage and promote your baby and toddler's natural developmental movement patterns. From the beginning of time babies from birth, without intervention, have moved in the same natural pattern. Through modern day conveniences, such as baby bounces and walkers, babies are less exposed to nature's intended opportunities to move naturally. With interventions such as the capsule and contoured prams (prams that are v-shaped restrict movement verses flat bed prams), baby's movement opportunities are more prohibited. Balancing your modern-day conveniences with ample opportunity for your baby to move naturally, will allow your baby to grow and develop through their natural movement patterns. We show you how at GymbaROO.

Toddlers are engaged with activities to help improve balance, motor skills, muscle tone, confidence and nurture their natural desire to explore their world independently.

Our Kinder Readiness and School Readiness programs help children consolidate their new skills bought about by lateralisation of the brain. They also learn to work in groups, improve language skills and follow instructions independently. The aim of these programs is to ensure that children have or a developing all areas required for successful learning.

Progressing naturally through natural movement patterns helps build strength and muscle tone, which facilitates the next developmental stage. Each stage builds the foundation for the next stage. During the movement patterns of each developmental stage, neural pathways are stimulated by this movement, therefore facilitating appropriate brain development.

NON-MOBILE BABIES (6 weeks - 7 months)

Duration: 45 mins

The emphasis is on massage, gentle vestibular stimulation, reflex inhibition and muscle tone. Massage builds muscle tone and strengthens the bond between the carer and the baby. These is emphasis on gentle vestibular stimulation, muscle tone and body awareness. We also have a look at their early reflex inhibition. Music plays an important part in our lessons for their Temporal awareness and language development. We have precious equipment time for their motor skills which integrate all they have learnt through their senses. This is a parent / baby focused class where parents are given valuable knowledge both verbal and written to facilitate their baby's natural development. It is a class where crucial knowledge is given to help parents facilitate their baby's natural development.


Duration: 45 mins

Crawler classes are for babies 7 months to 12 months. Whether your baby is OR ISN'T creeping or crawling, this is the time to progress into the "crawlers" class. Whilst we still do massage and exercises, there is less emphasis on the massage and more on body awareness, visual and auditory activities and your child will start to take part in the music and singing activities. They will do lots of crawling and exploring that will give them the skills and confidence to move into the walking stage. We work on ladders to help build those muscles needed for walking. They need new balancing skills, adjustment of visual perception and increased muscle tone. They will start to take part in the musical activities by rocking, swaying or singing. Treasure bag is introduced which babies love. Our classes will give you lots of ideas for activities at home that will enable you to continue to have fun and explore with your baby as you do at GymbaROO.


FAIRY PENGUINS (10 - 14 months)

Duration: 45 mins

For babies 10 - 14 months. This is the transition stage when your baby has started to stand up & cruise along walls & furniture, but still crawls as well - they may be ready for the Fairy Penguins class. Some may be capable of a few wobbly steps on their own and others may be walking with assistance. As they waddle, walking around like 'Fairy Penguins' they are establishing their balance and body awareness. We introduce essential skills to help balance and muscle tone. Our large equipment is more challenging to encourage confidence in climbing.

Despite the fact that it is an exciting and fun time it might also be frustrating for them as they learn all these news skills! As your one-year old child can move more or less in an upright position, he needs to adjust his vision and hearing as he is now seeing and hearing things from a different perspective. This is hard work for our little one because the things he knew look different now! That's one of the reasons why at that age your child may not advance his speech yet. From 13 months to 18 months, your child is still learning a lot about himself and his world, and also about his limbs and how they work! 

Penguins (1 - 1.5 years)

Duration: 45 mins

Now infants are waddling like penguins as they strive to get their balance and body awareness. At last our little ones are upright, but eyes and ears need to adjust for seeing and understanding. The sessions at this age aim at muscle tone development through walking, hanging by their hands, wheelbarrows and steps During mat time we encourage their own use of fingers in finger plays and the use of musical instruments independently. Once an infant is walking we provide ideas for parents and activities for the infant which increase their balance mechanisms and strengthen muscle tone.

Koalas (1.5 - 2.5 Years)

Duration: 45 mins

They are now more confident at walking so they can run and climb and balance. We know they are in the bi lateral stage of development meaning that both sides of the body are working together. They have good muscle control and have improved their skills with their hands in terms of focus and control. During mat time, we encourage them to listen and respond to an instruction. Very specific ball skills are introduced and worked on each week. In this class, during our mat time we start to incorporate finger plays and activities which require them to listen and then respond to an instruction. E.g. Clapping, jumping, balancing. We do activities which require them to use left / right independently and begin very specific ball activities.  By 18 months of age, toddlers have wonderful skill with their hands- they have improved focus and control. Our activities are aimed at strengthening and developing these skills, as they now have control over how to release an object they are holding. The two-year old year is an important year of change in both behaviour speech and fine motor skills. The Koala stage sets the groundwork for the transition into the next stage of development - laterality. We would like to help your child in their development journey.

Wallaby / Kangaroo (2 - 3 Years)

Duration: 45 mins

Our classes are becoming more structured as this is the time for children to start learning limits and to improve their concentration.

This 2-year old year is an important year of change in both fine motor skills and speech. Their hand grip is developed ready for a pencil grip. They are now moving into the next stage of development called Laterality. Class times are more structured as they can begin to improve their concentration. They enjoy puzzles and games that involve eyes guiding the hands and moving objects from one side to the other (crossing the midline). Repetition is vital for this age group. We will also start to introduce the concept of doing one thing with one limb and something different with another limb which is fully explored with musical instruments. Sensory integration is developing and a preferred hand and foot is required from now on.


Possums (3 - 4 Years)

Duration: 60 mins

This class is our Kinder Readiness program. It allows for greater teamwork and Sensory Motor Stimulation and promotes further sensory integration and laterality. Children learn to follow instructions and work in groups. Children are given the opportunity to perfect their abilities in the area of cross pattern action, with hopping for balance, skipping along and throwing and catching.

Areas where instructions are required will now increase in complexity. Repetition is again vital for the neural pathways to open up. We use team work and sensory motor stimulation on our large equipment to develop their sensory integration and laterality. Following instructions and sitting in a group are practised. They are encouraged to perfect their abilities in cross patterning while they hop, skip, throw and catch. Early reading will be introduced in this class.


School Readiness (4 - 5 Years)

Duration: 60 mins

This is our School Readiness Class. The activities at GymbaROO help to lay the groundwork for early reading/writing and preschool/school. As their control over all muscle groups is strengthened and fine-tuned, they can start concentrating on language skills. Mat time activities at GymbaROO are aimed at fine tuning these skills, with more challenging tasks. Their ball skills are far better and their hand/eye coordination is more focused. During this course, we have a different routine which is better suited to your child's developing skills, while increasing the concentration time and the complexity and number of instructions. At this stage, they also start to learn to work in groups, to line up and to follow the leader. The beginning stages of our "Jump into Reading Program" is started. The sessions include counting, memory activities and visual exercises. A sub theme is added to the overall term theme to further develop these skills. Of course, there is still the all-important large equipment time where by now they love climbing ladders, jumping on trampolines and hanging upside down. It is during this period that they are starting to consolidate all the previously learned skills and fine tuning them to enhance their early preschool experience.





Two qualified instructors per class!

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