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Meet Our Team


Hello, I am Carolyn and I am the owner of GymbaROO Concord (and Marrickville), and also one of the teachers.When my daughter was 6 weeks old, I became involved with GymbaROO. As a new mother, I found that the program gave me added insight into early childhood development. It also provided me with confidence, as well as ideas of activities to use at home.All this inspired me to set up a new GymbaROO in the Concord area, and fourteen years later am still loving every minute!Working at Gymbaroo is an incredible experience – witnessing first-hand the excitement and fun that the children and their parents experience with each session. Also, seeing each child grow and develop over the years is immensely rewarding, as well as a privilege to share.Our Team are  passionate about  delivering a happy  and positive experience, a place where parents and their children can enjoy fun while learning together . With many years teaching and working at Gymbaroo, our team brings a wealth of experience in early childhood development .


Hi my name is Amale. I have been working at gymbaroo since 2011 as both a teacher and an assistant. Prior to working here I was a stay at home mum to my three beautiful children for 6 years. Before having my children I worked in childcare as an assistant, teacher and authorized supervisor for 10 years while studying early childhood education. I took time off after having my first baby and enjoyed watching my 3 children grow and develop. I first learnt about gymbaroo from an early childhood nurse after taking my first child for her checkup. I started taking her to gymbaroo when she was only nine months old and I fell in love with the program. So much so that I took my other two children from non mobile babies all the way through to school readiness. I was so excited to get back to teaching at gymbaroo and absolutely adore the look of excitement when not only the children but the parents walk through the door. 


I  started attending Gymbaroo with my son, Denzel, when he was 18 months after being recommended by a friend. Initially, Denzel barely moved from my side. After some time, he gained the confidence to participate in mat time and the gym. His increased confidence in his physical abilities and social/emotional skills was gratifying to see and he continued Gymbaroo until the start of primary school.  I started working at Gymbaroo in 2013 and love watching children's personalities emerge as they develop their their physical, mental and emotional skills. To see a child grasp a skill that they have been working on is abundantly rewarding and to be a part of Gymbaroo's ability to encompass all aspects of child's growth is a privilege. 


Hi I’m Sarina and I am employed as a teacher assistant at Gymbaroo Concord &Marrickville. I first attended Concord Gymbaroo seven years ago with my son as part of a mother’s group. My son and I absolutely enjoyed attending Gymbaroo each week and loved every aspect that Gymbaroo offered as well as being fun and meeting lots of new mums and bubs which up until now we still keep in contact .While I was attending Gymbaroo  I decided to do a career change and work at Gymbaroo .Working at Gymbaroo Concord & Marrickville is so much fun and  I absolutely love it, it’s a fantastic place to work and lucky to have the opportunity to watch all the babies and children that attend Gymbaroo grow and develop each week as well as be part of a terrific team.


Hi I'm Susan and I work at Concord Gymbaroo on a Saturday as an Assistant. My involvement with Concord Gymbaroo began in 2013 when I started classes with my daughter. As a new mum I was eager to encourage my baby to move around and interact with other little ones. I started working at Concord the following year and love seeing the positive effects the classes have on both children and parents.


My name is Melissa Radano. I first found out about Gymbaroo through my mother's group last year and started coming when my son was 3 months old. He is now 15months old and absolutely loves bubble time and the gym!I have a background of Early Childhood and was so impressed with the teachers (Carolyn, Amale, Sarina and Susan) and how far my son has progressed, I knew I had to join their team! Working at Gymbaroo was the best decision I made and is a wonderful and rewarding experience for me. I love seeing the children grow and achieve milestones that I get to be apart of. Hope to see you soon at Gymbaroo! 




Two qualified instructors per class!

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