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What is BabyROO?

BabyROO is a programme that has been specially designed by GymbaROO for babies from 6 weeks of age.

Babies learn more in the first year of life than any other time in their life so we give you lots of information/activities to promote this learning to create the best foundation for later learning.
Our BabyROO programme is highly recommended by paediatricians, Early Childhood  Specialists and Maternal Health Nurses.

 For babies from 6 weeks of age

Weekly 45-minute classes for parent and baby

Classes are graded non-mobile and mobile

For non-mobile babies, classes include

Lots of Ideas for tummy time
Gentle exercise
Different massage techniques
Exercises to develop strength and flexibility
Activities for sensory stimulation (auditory, visual, tactile, vestibular)
Baby games and dances
Parachute time
BabyROO gym 

For Mobile Babies classes (for creepers and crawlers) include:

Balancing and strengthening activities for crawling and later walking,
Games with small equipment
Lots of body awareness games and
Music and singing activities
Crawling and exploring our obstacle courses in the BabyROO gym.
New activities in gym time - obstacle courses, climbing, working on ladders to build up muscles for walking
Treasure bag (which babies and parents love)
Activities to help balance, adjustment of visual perception and increased muscle tone 

These classes are about parent education. The aim is to provide parents with information about their child’s development as well as providing activities to do at home to help their infant learn about themselves and the world and to get a jump start on learning. There are weekly handouts and at home activities. Lots of fun learning whilst enjoying time with your baby.





Two qualified instructors per class!


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