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Why Should I join GymbaROO/BabyROO?

Gymbaroo has been successfully running classes all over Australia and the world, for the last 30 years. It is an award-winning parent / child education and movement program, based on many years of extensive research on the importance of movement as the key to learning. 

Our aim is to help children develop to their potential, and lay solid foundations for school years.

The programme focuses on age appropriate activities that enable the child to explore, develop and practise skills for healthy neurological development which underpins later social, emotional and  academic  success.

 Activities are a lot of fun but also help with gross and fine motor skills, strength, balance and co-ordination and so much more

Gymbaroo is highly recommended by many health professionals including Paediatricians, Child Health Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Paediatric Osteopaths and Paediatric Chiropractors.

 Dr Frances Glascoe, a world leader in early childhood development, who is the author of PEDS (Parents’ Evaluation of Development Status) which has been rolled out Nationwide by Maternal Child Health Centres, is a pro-bono patron of GymbaROO because she loves what the program offers parents.

The American Academy of Paediatrics Developmental and Behavioural journal published a four-page article describing the program positively and giving it the tag "An innovative Australian approach".

Australia wide, over 30,000 children and parents / carers enjoy this  programme each week

The program is designed to make the most of the first 4 years of a child’s life, by building the brain pathways through essential movement and multi-sensory experiences. When these foundation skills are laid and working well, a child’s brain is then receptive to higher learning, once they are ready to start school. We make sure children are using their body well, meeting their movement and other developmental milestones, and progressing through the program as they grow and develop. As a caregiver, we’ll show you and tell you so many things about all areas of development and give you lots of ideas of things that are cheap and easy to do at home. It’s fun, but also educational and interesting for you, too.

There are so many activities to do with your baby and toddler these days, it’s great to have variety. However, children thrive on the security and comfort of routine and familiar people and surroundings, it nurtures their confidence and when they are comfortable they try new things. It’s designed to be a continued program until your child goes to kindergarten, with each level of the program created to match the developmental leaps a child has every 4-6 months and they progress to the next stage.

The children who come through our program from babyhood have such a great awareness of their body and how to use it, they have well developed coordination, body strength and balance, attention, concentration, confidence, visualization, and their fine motor skills are also well developed. So, they are ready for the more complex tasks required of them when they start their schooling journey. The graduating Kangaroo classes at the end of every year are filled with children who are physically, emotionally, and mentally ready for the challenge of formal schooling and these days with an academically demanding curriculum that starts in kindergarten, the foundations your child will get from being in our Gymbaroo program will be a valuable investment in their future learning.

The first years of life are the most important in shaping a child’s future.

GymbaROO is the best decision you can make for YOUR child’s future.


Why is it important to come to Gymbaroo Classes in each age group?

The Gymbaroo program is currently a 5-year program designed to follow the way that the brain grows and develops from birth through to reading and writing at school.

The program is designed sequentially from 6 weeks of age right through to starting school. I have heard parents say after one term that "I have done Gymbaroo" and not understanding that they have only completed a tiny part of the program. They have only stimulated the part of the brain that was active at that time.

The activities are specially worked out for each age group so that you can make sure that you maximise each 6mths of development for your child and understand the importance of that stage for learning. As you can see the next part of the brain activates about every 6 months in the early years and then consolidates every 12 months through to starting school.

It is like building a house and if any part of the house has gaps then there can be problems at the next level of building.

Foundations of the house - IN UTERO AND BIRTH - Medulla and Cord

Sub Floor - rolling and head control - NON-MOBILE BABIES - Cerebellum - 2 dimensional

Floor - commando crawling and creeping on hands and knees - MOBILE BABIES  - Pons and Midbrain - 3 dimensional

Framing - walking, body awareness and bilateral movements - PENGUINS 12 to 18 months - Early Cortex - upright

Roof - jumping, language, balance and increased independent movements - KOALAS 18 months to 2yrs - Early Cortex - upright

Walls - Integration of the two brain hemispheres - WALLABIES - 2 to 2.5yrs - Cortex - critical for reading and writing

Doors and windows -  Completion of the integration, right and left awareness - KANGAROOS 2.5 to 3yrs - Cortex - able to cross the midline

Plumbing - Hopping, thinking and moving at the same time - POSSUMS 3 to 4yrs - Neocortex - specialisation of each side of the brain (laterality)

Electricity - Skipping, follows sequential instructions, cross pattern marching - EMUS 4 to 5yrs - Neocortex - school readiness program

Finishing off - Reading, writing, music, sport, language, art, emotional intelligence and more - SCHOOL - Neocortex




Two qualified instructors per class!


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